Denis Bilodeau Exposed

Hyp-o-crite (noun){hippakrit}

Somebody pretending to have high principles

Somebody who gives a false appearance of having admirable principles, beliefs, or feelings

syn: charlatan

Grass roots action is the only way to overcome corruption of any kind

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Denis Bilodeau refused to answer the Orange Police Officers questions of who was with him in his car the night of sunday October 29, 2006 at 1 am.

The Orange County District Attorney's Office discovered Suzanne Bilodeau Denis' wife was seen with him all night coming and going from one bar at the Orange Plaza that night.

Look closely at the size of the person in the passengers seat, who do you think was with Denis in the car?

Who was at home watching the three kids? What great parents do we have here?

Do we have a Bonnie and Clyde team here? What great community leaders do we have here?

Check reqularly for Denis Bilodeau information updates as there is a lot more about Denis. You determine for yourself if this is a person you want representing you in any political office or committee appointment.

Denis Bildodeau spent $26,000 in expenses while on the Water Board! Yet he chastised the incumbent who spent $13,000 in one year!

Denis Bilodeau sign stealing 10/29/06

Highlights of 2000-2006

1. Two Races, Two Races, Two Races in One!
Denis Bilodeau ran simoltaneously for 2 separate offices on the same 2004 balllot. (1) seeking a 2nd OC water board term, and (2) a lostin race for City of Orange council at the same time. Bilodeau generously agreed to give up the water Board chairmanship in view of his double campaign work load. He won for water board, but lost badly(4th place) for city council.

2. You're Not My Stepping Stone....Or are You?
In November 2000, Bilodeau denied he would use the OC water board as a stepping stone to some other office. But just 2 years later, in Jan. 2003, he filed paperwork to run for the State Assembly seat of termed0out Robert Pacheco(60th AD). Deciding he could not win that race, Bilodeau then switched to an Orange city council bid, which he lost in 2004.

"And [incumbet] Fonley suggests that Bilodeau's only interest in the water district was in making a name for himself politically. Bilodeau says that given his engineering background... and interest in politics, the water district was a natrual post to seek and was "absolutely not", just a stephing stone"

3. Can't Get Along with Senior Citizens
Bilodeau ran a vicious 2000 race against a 76-year-old USC civil engineering gra, saying the incumbent did not have a State civil engineering license. The 32-year-old Bilodeau, a law school dropout with a civil engineering license, sneered at 25-year incumbent Jon Fonley, who graduated from USC in 1951.

Bilodeau then creid that a 67-year-old district director shoved him in a 2004 dispute, when Bilodeau was 36. Crybaby Bilodeau filed a plice report about it. The senior citizen denied making contact with Bilodeau, but charded Bilodeau helped slime him with a last-minute sexual harassment smear in a 2004 election.

"Denis Bilodeau, president of the Orange County Waterboard, filed a report with Fountain Valley police, claiming he was shoved, kicked and invited into the parking lost to duke it out Monday by Norman Eckenrode, a Placentia councilman.

Eckenrode, 67, said he's too old to be challenging people to fight. "I told him that if I was in my prime, I would have invited him into the parking lot to settle it," Eckenrode said.

The latest dispute grew out of Eckenrode's failed campaign this autumn for water board. Bilodeau contributed money to a political action committe that endorsed several candiddates -- and sent out a mailer that attacked Eckenrode by mentioning a sexual-harassment lawsuit he was involved with..." Eckenrode said he did have harsh words for Bilodeau but that the physical contact was an accidental bumping at a narrow doorway."

4. Attack Travel Expenses in 2000, then take LOTS of trips 2001-06
Bilodeau largely won his 2000 water board race by attacking his opponent for taking $34,000 worth of travel over a 5-year period. But since taking office himself, Bilodeau has piled up an impressive $27,399 in travel costs himself. Don't do as I do, do as I say!

"Bilodeau has made Fonley's board-related expenses over the years a campaign issue as well, charging Fonley "often takes vacations paid for by the district"... His travel expenses during the period[1995-2000] totaled $34,271..."

Denis' Fun Itinerary
In just 5+ years, Denis Bilodeau has taken this number of trips to various Fun Locations:

Of course it was different story in 2002 when Bilodeau was elected President of the water board and made this promise in the OC Register:

"Denis Bilodeau, 34, who has served on the board for 2 years, says he hopes to lead the district into a more fiscally conservative era"